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Robin L. Grant
Alternative Health Consultant
Cell: 408-316-2079
Email: robin@robin-grant.com
Ashland, OR

                 Robin Grant

  • Certified Biofeedback Specialist

  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer

  • Touch For Health Practitioner

  • EFT Practitioner

  • MBA International Business Management

    My mission:

    To dedicate myself to making a difference in people’s health and vitality through better communications both within themselves and with others.

    My goal:

    To help others achieve better health naturally by creating a higher awareness without adding complications, making major sacrifices, or putting a strain on budgets – plus have some fun along the way doing it!

    My values:

    • Making a difference

    • Living life to the fullest

    • Adventure and fun

    • Faith in a higher power

    • Education

    • Flexibility/Openness

    • Honesty

    • Taking responsibility

    • Being rich

    • Empowering others

    • Teach so you can learn

    • Attitude of Gratitude

    As a baby boomer I have been in search like so many others for ways to stay healthy, look younger, and not spend the entire savings doing so. My education is in multiple aspects of alternative health areas and I continue to expand my training and research in order to stay knowledgeable for clients.

    I believe that more people are stepping up and taking more active roles in their health care because our current healthcare system is not providing us with a system of wellness care.   I also believe that it’s not just one, but combinations of alternative health regimes and some lifestyle changes that will help a person achieve optimal health.

    Our immune systems are bombarded everyday with pollution, chemicals, processed foods, chemical-laden tap water, daily products loaded with chemicals and heavy metals, non-positive attitudes, and what I believe is a biggie: stress.  Stress is everywhere, especially due to our busy lifestyles.  Stress affects attitudes, which affects your body and organs, which in turn affects the immune system and slowly drags us down to ill-health.  Nowadays, new maladies are being named all the time but most are classified as auto-immune deficiencies.


    Over the last several years I have searched for various ways to get healthier and keep my youthful appearance. My first experience with an alternative to traditional medicine was with an oxygen bar. I saw many benefits from adding this natural nutrient into my life over the last few years. Then, after being diagnosed with Lyme in 2003 and being told by a doctor that I would never be cured, my search broadened as my goal was to beat this affliction. My challenge was to get my health back and get back to being the real me. My research then took me into various alternative health areas such as additional oxygen therapies, better hydration, supplements, natural energizing products, dowsing, Ayurveda, the Five Rites, and several lifestyle changes, all of which have made a huge difference in my overall health.  As of April 2005 I have been off all meds and believe I have beaten this!

    My career background was always in the computer and high-tech world until March 2003 when I was laid off from Corporate America. After spending many years working 50-60+ hour weeks and completing my MBA in International Business Management (1999), I saw being laid off as my opportunity to start my own business focused on alternative health. I started AireHead.com, an oxygen bar and oxygen products business. Now, after much research, I have branched out into broader alternative health areas and I am also speaking on key health subjects, training, and writing on various health subjects.

    Sharyn, the owner of Elite Leads in Walnut Creek, had this to say about Robin’s ability to teach others about alternatives to traditional medicine:

    “Robin is very knowledgeable and an amazing inspirational speaker. She has a special way of engaging her audience and encourages them to take action.”

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